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Wedding Consultancy Services

Wedding consultant in Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza

You have your heart set on a destination wedding: getting married in Mallorca (Majorca), Menorca or Ibiza with the love of your life, all your loved ones dining with you under the stars, enjoying the days leading up to this with them going to the beach and getting sun-kissed ready for your special day. However, if you do not live there or you lack experience, you may have some doubts or questions when it comes to the best Mallorca Wedding Venues, the perfect catering in Ibiza or the ideal decoration for a wedding in Menorca. Therefore, before planning your wedding, it could be beneficial to ask for some professional help. Whether your budget is big or small, whatever stage you are at, contact me and I will help you plan the wedding you are dreaming of. These are some of the topics my wedding consultancy services can help you with:

  • ✓ Where to start?
  • ✓ How much can I expect to spend?
  • ✓ What can I afford?
  • ✓ What can I get for my budget?
  • ✓ What time of the year makes more sense?
  • ✓ How can I learn about venues, food and drinks, music, etc?
  • ✓ I am having communication problems with everyone I have been in touch with so far!


What would make sense to spend? How much do things cost? What kind of wedding can I have for “X” amount?

We’ll go through your requirements and will calculate what fits into a realistic budget. Deciding where to invest and where to save is the biggest hurdle in planning your wedding, which is why it will be first on our list.

A bespoke estimated budget will be created for you—this is the key to good planning. It will help you understand all of the suppliers that are usually involved in a wedding and how much they cost. Once you have this valuable information, you will be more than ready to continue with your planning.

Venue hunting

Venue hunting is a crucial part of your wedding, as it not only defines the location of your marriage but also the date.

Therefore, before choosing the best venues for your wedding, I will analyse your preferences and requirements. Based on these, a personalised selection of the most appropriate venues will be presented to you.

If you are lucky enough to be able to visit the destination for your wedding, I will join you to visit all of the selected venues and show you around, discussing options and comparing price-preferences with you.

Wedding Venues Mallorca |

Wedding Venues Mallorca |

Design and decoration

Once you have it almost all set–the venue, the food and drinks, the photographer, the timeline–it isn’t always easy to find the right person to help you bring your vision to life.

We’ll figure out the colour palette to work with and speak with florists and other suppliers that provide furniture and props to create an organic space that feels comfortable, functional and, above all, magical. Ceremonies, dinner areas, cocktail receptions, parties… We’ll transform a blank canvas into your dream space.


It is natural to feel overwhelmed by the number of suppliers you find online, but also the lack of specific information they give. For this reason, one of the many things I can assist you with is precisely choosing key suppliers. I am here to direct you to the right ones by creating a bespoke shortlist exclusively for you.

Since having language barrier issues is one of the most common hiccups you can face when dealing with suppliers abroad, as well as feeling that they are not very responsive, having guaranteed support through the process will change your perspective during this part of the planning.


The first step in booking any of the above services is to send an email or fill in the contact form with an initial overview of what you wish to discuss.

From there, we can schedule a quick Skype or FaceTime to find out as much information as possible in order to provide you with the best outcome.

The first Skype call is completely free and there is no commitment. The quote for the consultancy will be provided by email after our first contact.

Each quote is fully bespoke based on each individual request.